Keema Matar

Ever since she basically lived next to it for four months, my sister and I go back to our favourite Punjabi restaurant every time we´re in London. At the time, getting a table at Tayyabs was a matter of queuing or getting there early – I believe nowadays you can book a table.

In any event, the food was always delicious – even when it felt like I was burning my face off. The giant jugs of mango lassi and fantastic nan bread made up for it anyway. Recently my sister discovered that the Indian cookbook we both have actually features one of our favourite dishes: Keema Matar – a spicy minced lamb dish with green peas and coriander.

Our cookbook is the 1000 recipe/1.5kg one by Pushpesh Pant, and you can find this recipe on page 483. I absolutely recommend this book if you love Indian cuisine. It´ll keep you occupied for a while as well 😉


So back to the dish. Tayyabs´ version is really spicy and the recipe also prescribes adding ½ tablespoon of chilli powder. Now I don´t know what you have in your kitchen cupboard, but my chilli powder is really, really HOT. So I went for a teaspoon instead. This made for a nice spicy touch – perfect if you are not (yet) trained for hot Indian food. Personally, I´ll probably add a little more next time after all.

The first night I served the Keema Matar with rice, a dollop of yoghurt, and coriander topping. The left-overs made for a great lunch the next day. I just put the meat in a pita bread, added some yoghurt again, and cut a green bell pepper on top of it. Yummy!!!



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