The fermentation quest: we ate Frank…

I thought I´d provide a quick update on whatever happened to Frank. Fact is, we ate him. And he was delicious!

A few days after his conception, Frank started to bubble. Quite a bit actually, meaning he had to let off some steam. Or as we had come to call it: he had to fart. Also quite a bit:


After yet another few days, Frank got quieter. So quiet that we forgot about him for a while. I did show him off to family and friends, but I only dared to taste him after a month of fermentation. Very sour and still salty, but a true flavour explosion! There was the typical sauerkraut flavour, but more layered, or with more depth. The chili and coriander would come in with a pang every once in a while. And he was still crispy as well!

I decided to make a dinner out of it and after I made some potato mash, the moment was there. Frank was to be eaten for real. I didn´t cook him, as that would´ve killed the good bacteria, but let him come to room temperature. A bit of traditional Schwarzwald Speck completed the dish.


Frank was a big hit in my household and got eaten almost entirely that evening. The leftovers turned out to be a great snack for the smaller appetite and for friends who were daring (or intrigued) enough to taste a bit of Frank.

In short, Frank turned out great, especially for a first try. It definitely motivates me to try out new things and different combinations. Next time I would let Frank II ferment a bit shorter, to make him a little less sour. And even though I was a huge fan of the coriander, I´ll try some other spices too in the future.

But up next first is: Kimchi 🙂


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