The fermentation quest: gimme Kimmy

I love Korean cuisine. I actually discovered this in Berlin, where Korean restaurants are plentiful. And I hope I get to visit the country some time, so that I can taste the most authentic versions of the barbecues, bibimbap, and of course, kimchi. Continue reading “The fermentation quest: gimme Kimmy”


The fermentation quest: meet Frank

Inspired by a good friend of mine, “learning something new” has been a steady feature on my New Year´s resolutions for the last couple of years. Usually I also specified what that new thing should be, and as such I´ve already learned how to knit and am now fluent in ordering food in Italian.

After reading Michael Pollan´s Cooked, I knew what my next challenge would be: baking my own bread. But not the flat bread kind of type. No, real sourdough bread. With a starter. And a name. Continue reading “The fermentation quest: meet Frank”